Who We Are, What We Do and Why We Do It

Who We are…What We Do… and Why We Do It

  • Next Right Step is a welcoming place where people in recovery can belong, be real, find hope, and find healing.
  • Next Right Step is a safe place where people who have been hiding from, or have been ignorant of, their life-issues can learn practical steps and pathways by which to change hurtful habits and attitudes.
  • Next Right Step is an encouraging place to find new patterns for living.
  • Next Right Step is a supportive place where men and women can learn to live out the Twelve Steps after admitting they are powerless, in themselves, to make lasting changes.

Next Right Step provides groups, mentoring, and support for people willing to do the work of making serious changes in their lives. The Next Right Step community meets on Sunday mornings within a local church. Smaller groups, as well as individuals and their mentors, meet throughout the week .
Next Right Step is dedicated to being a facilitator of healing for peoples’ hurts, damaged relationships, painful life experiences, destructive habits, and persistent problems. We encourage participating individuals to grow and authentically connect with God, with others, and with themselves.


We are convinced that our groups and activities are not so much about dispensing information, but rather about offering people structure, discipline, support and healthy relationships for a new lifestyle. People need information in order to make good choices for a healthy lifestyle. People need wisdom to make choices in using the new information. They need courage to avoid returning to the poor choices of the past. But also, they need more – they need support and they need transformation. In order to accomplish this, NRS is committed to building a Christ-centered interactive community with groups and mentorships. Establishing trust is essential as people move toward wholeness and becoming all that God created and intended them to be. We have discovered that the following seven qualities allow us to better experience the safety and support necessary for establishing trust within our groups and activities. We establish these guidelines and boundaries in order to promote and maintain these qualities in all of our interactions within NRS. (Note: The following list of “Guidelines” is an abbreviated version from that given to participants. The complete and longer version is available upon request.)


  1. CONFIDENTIALITY – We maintain confidentiality at all times in all areas having to do with NRS and its members.
  2. RESPONSIBILITY – We take personal responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, issues, and recovery, and speak only from our own personal experiences.
  3. ACCEPTANCE – We offer one another the same unconditional love, acceptance and grace that God has shown to us through Jesus Christ.
  4. RESPECT – We show each other respect and value one another as individuals and uniquely created by God, deserving of being heard and understood just as we are.
  5. HONESTY – We are committed to a rigorous honesty as a way of life and a fundamental principle in establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with God, ourselves, and others.
  6. OPENNESS – We are determined to be open and willing to gain new awareness and insight from the experience of other, and to risk making positive and healthy changes in our attitudes and actions.
  7. ENCOURAGEMENT – We seek to build up and affirm one another; motivating each other to believe that positive change is possible, encouraging one another to persevere in new directions as God leads and recognizing our achievements as we overcome and become new creations in Christ.

next right step – carrying a message of hope and healing to a hurting world

For more information: Tommy Daniel, NRS Director, 615.828.5303 ; td-rememberhim@att.net