Own a Harold Krauss painting and support Next Right Step



Title:                            And One Fell Out

Minimum Bid:          $500

Artist:                         Harold Kraus

Medium:                    Painting

Year:                           2016

Dimensions:              37.5 in x 43.5 in


Life is just a bowl of cherries”, said sarcastically for the most part these days. God desires our life to be beautiful, abundant, delicious. At times, as in this large bowl, some are just hanging on, hanging out…“And One Fell Out”!—the artist’s title.  Thank you to Harold Kraus for his generous gift to Next Right Step, for his talent to create in beautiful color.  We enjoy the vitality & whimsy in his art that brings a smile & a prayerful effort to have no “cherry” left behind.  Harold is a supporter of Next Right Step at West End Church of Christ and actively involved with our Sunday 9am group of sharing and encouraging each other to recover our God-created self and to walk more closely in the steps of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Next Right Step asks that you make an offer on this work of art to enhance your home and life! 

Call or text 615.828.5303 or email nextrightstepnashville@gmail.com to bid.  The starting bid is $500. Bidding through September 29, 2016.  The painting will be displayed at our Fall Event, September 29, 6:00pm, at The Loveless Barn, Highway 100.  Call or email to attend.

Gertrude Stein once said, “A rose is a rose”‘ but a Harold Kraus rose is not just a rose. Still, you will know a Kraus rose when you see it. The multifaceted dimensions of his art, along with the depth of his colors in his palette, yield beautiful paintings that are influenced by Braque and Picasso.  How fortunate Kraus is to know the importance of what not to paint, to know the value of the unexpected element in creative endeavor: the result is that he has become a trendsetter rather than a follower of trends in a world of contemporary art. Viewing Kraus is an experience. Owning one is an on-going joy.                                                                                  —Margaret Britton Vaughn, Poet Laureate State of Tennessee



was intensely creative and innovative from an early age.  It was clear he was gifted to be an artist with the outworking of his talents taking on various incarnations over the years–florist, window designer for Michigan Avenue boutiques in Chicago, and, of course, painter.  He settled in Nashville in 1979 and graduated from Lipscomb University as an art major and biblical studies minor in 1983.  Adding an understanding of the key elements and rules of painting to his innate creative abilities laid the foundation for his career as an artist.  Kraus and his wife, Nancy, have two rescue children who look conspicuously like dachshunds.

“I see myself as a colorist,” says Kraus.  “All my life I have been fascinated by the transformative properties of color.  Many people live lives starved of color.  I think they are intimidated by it so they surround themselves with safe neutrals like gray or beige.  I aspire to fill that color void for such clients or, for the more adventuresome, I adore pushing their look to the next level of sophistication and intensity.  There are as many options for color and subject matter, dimension, and scale as there are people who love art and the places they enjoy it.  The possibilities are endless.  The most frequent remark I hear about my paintings is, ‘I love your colors! They light up the room!’  That makes me happy.  Mission accomplished!” 

Kraus’ fascination with light is clearly displayed in his work through the stunning use of color.  The Sherwin-Williams paint company paid homage to the Kraus color flair by selecting a color from his palette, “Kraus Hot Pink” and offered it as one of their selections.  Of his exceptionally broad range of subjects and even styles, Kraus explains, “As a colorist I am free to pursue any subject.  Even so I favor themes that reflect love of life and engender happiness.  For me, and I think many of us, these things elicit happy thoughts and fond memories.  In a world often filled with sadness and anxiety, I find tremendous satisfaction in projecting light, vibrancy, and joy through what I do.  Invigorating subjects motivate me; I strive to make the colors sing melodies people want to hear over and over again.  I go into my studio knowing that any subject could be translated to my canvas on any given day.  That said, I am known for and will always be enamored with flowers.  Bold, beautiful and effortlessly inspirational.”

See more of Harold Kraus’ work at www.haroldkrauscollection.net.