Dear friend,

Luke 4:38-44 shares with us that people brought to Christ their friends in need. For various reasons—weakness, fear, disbelief—these were unable to come on their own. The people who brought them cared enough to reach out in prayer, in invitation, in bringing to fellowship.

Next Right Step seeks to continue this model of bringing people to Christ, the source of life and healing. In particular we are reaching out to people in process of recovery from substance abuse who have acknowledged a “higher power.” We have also reached those in recovery from other addictive behaviors, depression, broken family relationships…. “We are all in recovery from something” is a frequent rally.

We want all of us to come to know this higher power as Jesus Christ, the Son of God come to us. We want to walk together as we grow in freedom from besetting sin and grow in faith in God. We desire to share the Lord, to “taste and see that He is good” (Psalm 34:8)!

We ask you for prayer on behalf of these efforts. We ask for you to bring people in need that you know to us. We ask that you join our group to support all of us in our walk in His steps. We ask for any monetary support that you could purpose to Next Right Step as funds are used for transportation, ministers, literature, emergency needs, insurance, and fellowship.

You can make a difference. Every day, your donations help save the lives of those seeking a new life in recovery. Each tax-deductible contribution helps us fulfill our mission to seek and save the lost, and to provide hope and care to those who need it, regardless of their ability to pay.

Thank you for considering our requests.

Next Right Step receives support from generous individuals, churches, foundations, and other community organizations. Please consider a one-time or repeating contribution.

  • Donate through our secure and confidential online service. Click on the Donate Now button on the screen.
  • Mail your check to our Nashville address: Next Right Step, P.O. Box 41, Nashville,  TN 37211
  • Call Next Right Step at 615-833-2621.