Recovery: Step by Step

discussion group aNext Right Step is a nonprofit, faith-based community service agency in the Nashville, Tennessee area serving people recovering from substance abuse problems. Next Right Step offers assistance to those in recovery. We provide counseling, support groups, mentoring, drug and alcohol recovery classes.

Here, men and women desiring to make a successful transition back to healthy, rewarding relationships with their families and community find the resources that help them sustain and improve their lives.


Thank you for sharing in Next Right Step via our website.  We hope you find helpful, informative material here.  If you plan to donate through this site, we sincerely thank you for your support!  We want you to know that your donation will make it possible to serve and encourage people who have come “on the mat”—those seeking to turn their life around and needing a helping hand.

Researchers have published responsible guidelines regarding making charitable donations….

  1. Understand the charity’s missionNext Right Step ministers to those in recovery with the goal of bringing them to the cross of Christ and assisting them in living a transformed life.  We are but His servants.
  2. Verify the nonprofit statusNext Right Step is a 501(c)(3) designated by the Internal Revenue Service with EIN 20-5666103.
  3. Seek accountability and transparencyNext Right Step records are kept scrupulously and are available should an inquiry arise although some privacy policies may apply regarding specific names of individuals.  Next Right Step considers seriously and prayerfully the godly stewardship of all funds.  Funds are used with the intent to support individuals in their quest to rebuild life.
  4. Research accomplishments.  Next Right Step has an average of 60 people who meet together each Sunday morning to discuss life-changing issues, to get new perspectives, to study God’s Word, to pray for each other.  20 of the 60 are our guests brought in who are seeking to change their lives for the better.  We have seen attitudes changed, eyes clear and enlightened, resolves spoken aloud, faith restored.  We have provided funds and encouragement to make possible next right steps.  We have built friendships and built an organization that is known for helping—intending that the glory be to God.

Next Right Step is a small, local ministry working to make a difference in lives through committed friendship and through sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  We want to help seekers find the “next right step” to make in their walk of life.  This work is not possible without those who can give of their time, talents, and finances.  Thank you sincerely for considering and sending your gifts.