About Next Right Step

Tommy DanielTommy Daniel is a long time advocate on behalf of recovering adults. Over the last five years, in Williamson County, Tennessee, he has provided individual and group counseling as well as case management in the field of community corrections.

Tommy also has extensive experience as an industry leader in management, marketing, team building, conflict resolution and organizational strategy.  He is the founder and executive director of Next Right Step.

Next Right Step…

Circumstances, bad choices, sin and mistakes have created shame in your life. You hide behind it, bottle it up, and find yourself filling the void with substance abuse or other addictions rather than turning to God.  You quietly seek help or enter a rehab program to address the issue on your own.  You’ve taken that first step but are you ready for the next?

Alone, you draw back to the same old habits and cycles that led you to addiction: stress, loneliness, social gatherings, peer pressure, old friends, shame, and hopelessness creep back in your life and you find yourself having taken a step back.  You long for a different life, a different, better way to walk.

You attend a recovery group and someone comes up beside you and says, “How are you?  I have been visiting the meetings here and wondered if we could get together for lunch.”  This person is different, kind, undemanding.  This person wants simply to be a friend and walk with you during your recovery.  This is the beginning of the Next Right Step.

How Next Right Step Began

One Sunday while visiting my son, I attended the North Atlanta Church, where I heard a powerful sermon centered on Jesus.  At the end of the sermon, thirty people came forward, each, I learned later, joined by a mentor who had been walking beside them during recovery.

Tears streamed down my face as I watched broken people praying together before and with the entire church and as they shared their stories.

I realized this was how it was supposed to be. How the church should be. What life is all about. This was real. Real hurting people being healed by real love.

All of us are recovering from something. All of us need one another for support, for strength as we strive to find a better way, a healthier, cleaner, better, godly life.  We need people around us, with us, loving us modeling a godly way of living.

North Atlanta’s recovery support and mentor program has been a huge success and ministry blessed by God. People have been saved.  Lives have been impacted.  Recovery has grown God’s kingdom. The experience has been life altering for those in recover but also for the mentors and entire congregation who supported this ministry.


Because of the effectiveness of the recovery and mentoring program at North Atlanta, Tommy Daniel is looking for recovery-friendly churches in which mentoring groups can begin—people willing to befriend, walk beside, love, support, and model godly choices for those in recovery.

In his visits to detox facilities, rehabs, and half-way houses around Nashville, Tommy finds people needing and wanting such friendships. He is eager to introduce these people to mentors who can nurture and befriend them.

If you are interested in learning more about this ministry, we invite you to attend a no-obligation, informational meeting at Otter Creek Church, 144 Franklin Road in Brentwood. Contact us by email and we will let you know when this meeting will take place. We will also post that information on this Website.


Next Right Step taught me, with a loving hand, the difference between ritualistic religion and a relationship with our Father.  And essentially the 12 steps are God’s way of living anyway since we are all in recovery from something.  It gave me great comfort for my pastor to show his addiction with such openness and honesty.
–Mike C

I started off using drugs at an early age (12 years old) in my life; in time it became my life.  I was desperate and tired of the lifestyle. I had been praying for God to deliver me. I confessed my drug use to my boss who referred me to help which mysteriously led me to Tommy D. & Larry L. They have been walking beside me every since through my recovery… I believe God sent them. –Fred B.

Excerpt from “Fabric of Life,” a song written by Mike Choley:

The next right thing is to do the next thing right.  I’m suffering now but the prize is in sight. Another stitch in the fabric of life, waiting on that spark of the divine.

Next Right Step… A Christ-centered ministry serving recovering substance abusers in a community that encourages the desire to do what is good.